Room Layout Sheets

Room layout sheets are a graphical snapshot of each type of room in the hospital – showing the placement of all the medical equipment and medical furniture in its typical arrangement. The room layout sheet allows architects, clinical end-users and hospital investors alike to determine that the space inside the room is large enough to accommodate all equipment and contents and still be functional.

Engineering detail meets spatial arrangements….

Room layout sheets contain several layers of important information. The spatial arrangement of equipment and furniture initially allows clinical end-users to ascertain that room functions well for its clinical purpose. Room size and layouts need to follow international standards and guidelines, which our experienced medical planners know how to implement.

With the equipment in place, this allows architects to follow through with designing any necessary interior design features of the room, in a manner which complements the clinical function of the room.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, building service engineers also receive information from the room layout sheets, as to where they need to plan for electrical and mechanical services such as electricity, water and medical gases.