A hospital investor will need to have a list of medical equipment required for his or her hospital. But no such list is complete without having a detailed breakdown of specifications required for every piece of equipment. The medical equipment planning team of Erigo has tangible experience working with medical equipment in different hospitals. We may advise a client, and help prepare the right specification to make sure no single investment is inadequately too small or wasteful in its excess.

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Equipment specifications are a detailed set of documents, prepared by medical equipment planners. They serve to guide medical equipment suppliers to provide the right piece of equipment to the hospital. The right piece of equipment means that it serves the clinical function of the end-user, without missing essential requirements or providing unnecessary ones.

For the hospital investor, these documents are most often required at tendering stage, in order to ensure that equipment bidders are supplying equipment on a like-with-like basis. It is common to see that a quote for equipment is cheaper than its competitors, only because what is being quoted is an inferior product.

Equipment specification documents give the investor peace of mind in ensuring that the evaluation process has a baseline against which to make comparisons.